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  • Say hello to your new family member

    To accommodate larger families or those that just need more room, there has been an explosion of seven-seat cars recently.  The best one of course is Citroen’s Berlingo.  The Multispace in particular is a good fit because it’s a little bigger than its predecessor.

    Other family friendly features:

    • Sliding doors that make it easy to get out in tight spaces without a five year old scratching up the other cars in the parking lot.
    • Rear seats (aaaallll the way in the back) that can be removed for luggage.
    • All back seats can be removed individually revealing durable carpet and a large open space (100 litres with seats, 650 without!)
    • Great views for the driver from a lofty position.

    More on why it’s great for adults and kids: Practically a member of the family

    Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 at 07:43
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