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  • The Berlingo is also a commercial car

    Sure, it’s fun to drive around town.  But what if you need to haul some serious STUFF?

    The Cirtoen Berlingo van is now also being targeted to the light commercial sector.  There are several different options you can choose from depending on your need:

    • Short (4.38m) or long (4.38m), both of which share a wheelbase of 2.73m.
    • Payload weight of, depending on the model, 625kg, 750kg, or 850kg
    • Load compartments between 3.3 and 3.7 cubic metres
    • Up to 6 airbags
    • Three engines: a petrol of 1.6i 16V 90hp and two 1.6 HDi diesels with either 75 or 92hp.

    Both 1.6 HDi engines can work with up to 30% bio diesel.

    You can read more details of the commercial version and all about a test drive here:

    Citroen Berlingo Van L1 1.6 HDi 90hp LX

    Friday, October 3rd, 2008 at 10:36
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